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Hydraulic Accessories

  • Pressure Switch

    Pressure Switch

    Pressure switch JCS series built-in micro switch, induction from hydraulic system pressure convey the electrical signal to electromagnetic directional valve or electric motor make it change direction or warning, closed circuit, in order to achieve the effect of system...Read More

  • Hydraulic Oil Filter

    Hydraulic Oil Filter

    ZU/QU-H high pressure oil filter is composed of the top cover and spin-on housing. These filters are installed on pressure pipeline of the hydraulic system, there are these characteristics: high pressure resistance, high accuracy & multi-function...Read More

  • Oil Level Indicator

    Oil Level Indicator

    1,Chrome plated iron shell. 2,Acrylic mirror surface. 3,Max Temperature:80℃ 4,Suit for lubricating oil,mineral oil,petrol,etc. How To Order: Specification:Read More

  • Pressure Gauge

    Pressure Gauge

    Stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauge has certain corrosion resistance, suitable for measuring the viscous medium and an amorphous and the solidification of of all kinds of liquid medium pressure or negative pressure. According to the different requirements of...Read More

  • Hydraulic Strainer

    Hydraulic Strainer

    The strainer is made from high quality glass fiber,used for hydraulic and lubrication system oil filter,to filter out pollutants in the system,guarantee the normal operation of the system. How To Order: Specification:Read More

  • Hydraulic Manifold

    Hydraulic Manifold

    Hydraulic Manifold A hydraulic manifold is a component that regulates fluid flow between pumps and actuators and other components in a hydraulic system. It could be compared to a switchboard in an electrical circuit, because it lets the operator control how much fluid flows between components of...Read More

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