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We are engaged in manufacturing hydraulic pumps and valves with different specifications.Our main products include PV2R series vane pump,Vickers series V/VQ vane pump,HGP gear pump,high performance hydraulic oil coolers and differenct kinds of hydraulic valves.
  • Hydraulic Power Unit For Work Platform Elevator

    Hydraulic Power Unit For Work Platform Elevator

    This kind of hydraulic power unit for work platform elevator is designed for electric work platform and supplies the function of up and down. Quantitative pressure compensation throttle would keep going down steadily.
    Some applications are as follows; dump trailers, electric sanitation trucks, snowplows, telescopic...
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  • Hydraulic Power Station For Heavy Industry

    Hydraulic Power Station For Heavy Industry

    A hydraulic power unit is usually composed of hydraulic pump, electric motor, oil tank, manifold block, valves, electric box, filter, cooler, pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, etc. Hydraulic power unit (hydraulic power pack) is widely applied in nearly every corner of industry all around the world. Hydraulics remains...Read More

  • Hydraulic Valve Electromagnetic Directional Valve

    Hydraulic Valve Electromagnetic Directional Valve

    +​Our electromagnetic directional valve is used to control direction of flow. In particular, it usually applies for the hydraulic cylinder of mechanical device. Hydraulic solenoid valve generally consists of valve body, solenoid, slide valve, return spring, plunger, etc.
    +Block off out leakage, easily control inner...
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  • Solenoid Operated Directional Valves

    Solenoid Operated Directional Valves

    High pressure, large volume, low noise. Smooth switch over movement. Duo orifice designed, low resistance, high efficiency. Water & dust proof electric solenoid, high safety designed. ISO standard measurements, high interchangeability. ​
    100% inspected, low noise and high reliability, excellent sealability and...
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  • DSG Yuken Hydraulic Solenoid Valve

    DSG Yuken Hydraulic Solenoid Valve

    *Hydraulic solenoid valves are automated basic components used to control fluids and are not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic.
    *Solenoid valves are used to control the direction of hydraulic flow. The mechanical devices in the factory are generally controlled by hydraulic cylinders, so solenoid valves are...
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  • Aluminum Fin Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

    Aluminum Fin Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

    Aluminum fin air cooled heat exchanger is one of the most widely used heat exchange equipment in gas and liquid heat exchangers. It achieves the purpose of enhancing heat transfer by adding fins to a common base pipe.
    Due to the mechanical winding of the finned heat exchanger, the contact surface of the heat...
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  • Denison Vane Pump

    Denison Vane Pump

    • Decreased Energy Consumption : Reduced heat generation and speeds down to 400 RPM at full pressure are supported by the high mechanical and volumetric efficiency, which is typically 94%.
    • Reduced Noise Level : The T6*M series is designed to reach the lowest noise level in the smallest envelope, supported by its...
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  • Excavator Oil Cooler

    Excavator Oil Cooler

    Excavator oil coolers are widely used as transfer media in hydraulic excavators, mobile machinery, walking machines, pavers, drills, rollers to cool fluids in hydraulic systems.
    Oil coolers are an oil cooling device commonly used in hydraulic and lubrication systems. The device can realize heat exchange between two...
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  • 12V Hydraulic Oil Cooler

    12V Hydraulic Oil Cooler

    *Oil coolers are a type of heat exchange device used to cool fluids. Water or air is usually used as a coolant to remove heat.
    *It mainly can be divided into tube oil cooler, plate cooler and air-cooled cooler. Coolers are heat exchange devices commonly used in industrial sectors such as metallurgy, chemical,...
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  • VP Hydraulic Vane Pump

    VP Hydraulic Vane Pump

    "Shaft clearance compensation"design, it can automatically adjust the pump displacement according to the set pressure.
    The built-in pressure adjustment valve, hydraulic system no need to install pressure regulating valve.
    Easy assembly, it can combine directly with the electric motor.
    Suitable for...
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  • Low Pressure Variable Vane Pump

    Low Pressure Variable Vane Pump

    -Balanced operation & quiet, especially suitable for machine tools and indoor requirements.
    -The pressure adjustment mechanism is included, and the system is easy to assemble without using a pressure regulating valve and a direct motor.
    -A variety of different pressure and flow ranges...
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  • Brazed Aluminum Plate Fin Excavator Oil Cooler

    Brazed Aluminum Plate Fin Excavator Oil Cooler

    Product Features
    +Aluminum plate-fin oil coolers are widely used in hydraulic system, lubrication system, air compressor, engineering/construction machinery, power system, transmission oil cooling system, ship, vehicle engine water tank and other fluid cooling system.
    +Oil coolers are made of aluminum...
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