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Hydraulic Valves

The most basic description of a valve is a mechanical device that opens and closes, most often to control the flow of fluid—liquid or air. Hydraulic valves are unique because they must be capable of withstanding 3,000 psi or more of fluid pressure, which require them to be manufactured from strong (and often heavy) steel and iron. Their construction must be such that hydraulic pressure is entirely contained, yet able to function smoothly and accurately, without being prevented from functioning because of the high forces imposed by that pressurized fluid.

So a hydraulic valve is just a device that opens and closes to allow the flow that will move actuators and loads. It sounds simple, but there are various techniques used in hydraulics to allow this to occur. Valves can be mechanically operated (by handle, knob or cam), electric solenoid-operated, or pilot-operated (air or hydraulic pressure actuates the valve). Some valves use the pressure of the circuit’s fluid to actuate themselves, like with relief valves. Valves can also be actuated with cables, levers, plungers, torque motors and so forth.

It is usually used in combination with an electromagnetic pressure regulating valve, which can be used to remotely control the on/off of oil, gas and water pipeline systems of hydropower stations. Commonly used for clamping, control, lubrication and other oil circuits。

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  • Manual Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

    Manual Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

    -We are leading manufacturer and supplier of manual directional control valve in China, specializing hand operated directional control valve.
    -Manual hydraulic directional control valves are used to control the flow direction of oil in the hydraulic system or to adjust its flow and pressure. The directional control...
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  • Hydraulic Pilot Operated Check Valves

    Hydraulic Pilot Operated Check Valves

    +Hydraulic pilot operated check valves allow flow in one direction and prevents flow in the reverse direction unless cracking pressure is required to open the valve so then it allow the flow freely reverse.
    +If the cracking pressure is closed, then the internal pressure in the system could be maintained. Two-steps...
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  • Direct Operated Pressure Relief Valve

    Direct Operated Pressure Relief Valve

    DT-01 and DG-01 series hydraulic direct operated relief valve could connect with balanced piston type of vent. It works by using small flows pressure to control remotely large flows pressure which can be matched the requirements of versatile...Read More

  • Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve

    Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve

    Pilot operated pressure relief valves are used for controlling the pressure in a hydraulic system and protect its hydraulic pump and actuators from over-load. According to their functions, they can be divided into different types such as relief valve, pressure relief valve, sequence valve and unloading relief valve. Read More

  • Solenoid Pilot Operated Relief Valve

    Solenoid Pilot Operated Relief Valve

    *These valves are used for the pressure reducing valve and could couple with check valve to act adjustable back-pressure control.
    *These types of valves are applied at back-pressure control for plastic injection molding machine & hydraulic pressing machine ect.
    *Smaller package on the larger pipe sizes.Read More

  • Low Noise Relief Valve

    Low Noise Relief Valve

    The low noise relief valve is a valve that adjusts the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure and relies on the energy of the medium itself to automatically maintain the outlet pressure.
    From the point of view of fluid mechanics, the pressure reducing valve is a throttling element whose local...
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  • Sequence Check Valves

    Sequence Check Valves

    *They are employed to action pilot pressure and drainage, thus, for achieving the sequence control, pressure releasing control, counter-balancing control.
    *The check valves are generally used at bi-pressure circuiting to prevent pressure auto dropping.
    ​*A sequence valve is a...
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  • Modular Pilot Operated Check Valves

    Modular Pilot Operated Check Valves

    The speed control valve of the pilot type check valve is a valve that is opened, closed and adjusted by the pressure of the pipeline medium. It consists of a main valve and attached conduit, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge.
    In addition, the throttling and action parts of the pilot valve should be...
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  • Modular Reducing Valves

    Modular Reducing Valves

    1. Totally interchangeable with original.
    2. For different kinds of hydraulic systems.
    3. Nominal size: 06,10,16, 25
    4. Max. operating presure 25Mpa(250bar), max. flow 250 L/min
    5. It‘s pipeless stack type valve which is designed to meet various technological requirement of...
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  • Hydraulic Solenoid Directional Control Valves

    Hydraulic Solenoid Directional Control Valves

    It is powered by push-button switches, limit switches, travel switches, pressure relays and other electrical components in the hydraulic machine.
    They allow fluid flow into different paths from one or more sources. They usually consist of a spool inside a cylinder which is mechanically or electrically controlled....
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  • Hydraulic Throttle Valve

    Hydraulic Throttle Valve

    Hydraulic throttle valve is a valve that controls the flow of a fluid by changing a throttle section or a throttle length.Read More

  • Hydraulic Safety Valve

    Hydraulic Safety Valve

    Hydraulic relief valve is a hydraulic pressure control valve, which mainly functions as pressure relief, voltage regulation, system unloading and safety protection in hydraulic equipment.Read More

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