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Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve

Hydraulic pressure control valve are found in virtually every hydraulic system, and they assist in a variety of functions, from keeping system pressures safely below a desired upper limit to maintaining a set pressure in part of a circuit. Types include relief, reducing, sequence, counterbalance, and unloading. All of these are normally closed valves, except for reducing valves, which are normally open. For most of these valves, a restriction is necessary to produce the required pressure control. One exception is the externally piloted unloading valve, which depends on an external signal for its actuation.

Hydraulic control valves are components used in hydraulic drive systems or hydraulic control systems to control fluid pressure, flow, and direction. The pressure control valve is called a pressure control valve, and the flow control valve is called a flow control valve. The control of the on, off and flow direction is called a directional control valve.

Any hydraulic system, no matter how simple it is, cannot lack a hydraulic valve. Therefore, hydraulic valves are the most widely used and most active parts (components) in hydraulic technology. To a large extent, whether a newly designed or operating hydraulic system can operate normally according to established requirements is depending on the performance of the various hydraulic valves and the matching of parameters.

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  • Direct Operated Pressure Relief Valve

    Direct Operated Pressure Relief Valve

    DT-01 and DG-01 series hydraulic direct operated relief valve could connect with balanced piston type of vent. It works by using small flows pressure to control remotely large flows pressure which can be matched the requirements of versatile...Read More

  • Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve

    Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve

    Pilot operated pressure relief valves are used for controlling the pressure in a hydraulic system and protect its hydraulic pump and actuators from over-load. According to their functions, they can be divided into different types such as relief valve, pressure relief valve, sequence valve and unloading relief valve. Read More

  • Solenoid Pilot Operated Relief Valve

    Solenoid Pilot Operated Relief Valve

    *These valves are used for the pressure reducing valve and could couple with check valve to act adjustable back-pressure control.
    *These types of valves are applied at back-pressure control for plastic injection molding machine & hydraulic pressing machine ect.
    *Smaller package on the larger pipe sizes.Read More

  • Low Noise Relief Valve

    Low Noise Relief Valve

    The low noise relief valve is a valve that adjusts the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure and relies on the energy of the medium itself to automatically maintain the outlet pressure.
    From the point of view of fluid mechanics, the pressure reducing valve is a throttling element whose local...
    Read More

  • Sequence Check Valves

    Sequence Check Valves

    *They are employed to action pilot pressure and drainage, thus, for achieving the sequence control, pressure releasing control, counter-balancing control.
    *The check valves are generally used at bi-pressure circuiting to prevent pressure auto dropping.
    ​*A sequence valve is a...
    Read More

  • Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve

    Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve

    DB series pilot operated relief valves and DBW series solenoid operated relief valves can be used to control and unload system pressure.Read More

  • Pilot Operated Unloading Relief Valves

    Pilot Operated Unloading Relief Valves

    DA series pilot operated unloading valves and DBW series solenoid operated unloading valvesare used to unload the oil pumps’ pressure in a hydraulic system with accumulator. The valve allows high-pressure pump to operate and low-pressure pump to...Read More