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Water Oil Cooler

The water oil cooler is a device that is placed in a cooling water passage and uses the temperature of the cooling water to control the temperature of the lubricating oil.
Oil cooling is commonly used to cool high-performance motorcycle engines that are not liquid-cooled. Typically, the cylinder barrel remains air-cooled in the traditional motorcycle fashion, but the cylinder head benefits from additional cooling. As there is already an oil circulation system available for lubrication, this oil is also piped to the cylinder head and used as a liquid coolant.
Compared to an oil system used solely for lubrication, oil cooling requires additional oil capacity, a greater flow rate through the oil pump, and an oil cooler (or a larger cooler than normal).
The oil-water cooler heat transfer tube adopts a copper tube to roll out the heat-dissipating fins, and the device can realize heat exchange between the two liquid mediums with a certain temperature difference, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the oil temperature and ensuring the normal operation of the power equipment.
The water oil cooler is mainly used for equipment lubricating oil cooling, shifting system oil cooling, transformer oil cooling, etc.
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  • Water Cooled Oil Cooler

    Water Cooled Oil Cooler

    Our water cooled oil cooler are an oil cooling device commonly used in hydraulic and lubrication systems.
    The device can realize heat exchange between two fluid media with a certain temperature difference, achieving the purpose of reducing oil temperature and ensuring normal operation of the system.
    It is...
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