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  • Solenoid Pilot Operated Relief Valve

    Solenoid Pilot Operated Relief Valve

    *These valves are used for the pressure reducing valve and could couple with check valve to act adjustable back-pressure control.
    *These types of valves are applied at back-pressure control for plastic injection molding machine & hydraulic pressing machine ect.Read More

  • Solenoid Hydraulic Directional Control Valve

    Solenoid Hydraulic Directional Control Valve

    The role of solenoid hydraulic directional control valve in the hydraulic system is to achieve the commutation of the hydraulic oil circuit, sequential operation and unloading.
    Due to the limited thrust of the electromagnet, the electromagnetic reversing valve is...
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  • Low Noise Relief Valve

    Low Noise Relief Valve

    The low noise relief valve is a valve that adjusts the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure and relies on the energy of the medium itself to automatically maintain the outlet pressure.
    From the point of view of fluid mechanics, the pressure reducing...
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  • Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

    Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

    Hydraulic directional control valves is used to change the direction of oil flow in the hydraulic circuit, control the start and stop of the actuator, and change the direction of movement of the actuator.
    The directional control valve is divided into the...
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  • Sequence Check Valves

    Sequence Check Valves

    *They are employed to action pilot pressure and drainage, thus, for achieving the sequence control, pressure releasing control, counter-balancing control.
    *The check valves are generally used at bi-pressure circuiting to prevent pressure auto...
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  • Directional Control Solenoid Valve

    Directional Control Solenoid Valve

    4/3,4/2 or 3/2 directional design

    High-power solenoid
    Porting pattern according to DIN24340 form A
    Solenoid coil can be rotated through 90
    The coil can be changed without having to open the pressure-tight chamber.
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  • Modular Pilot Operated Check Valves

    Modular Pilot Operated Check Valves

    The speed control valve of the pilot type check valve is a valve that is opened, closed and adjusted by the pressure of the pipeline medium. It consists of a main valve and attached conduit, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge.
    In addition, the throttling...
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  • Modular Reducing Valves

    Modular Reducing Valves

    1. Totally interchangeable with original.
    2. For different kinds of hydraulic systems.
    3. Nominal size: 06,10,16, 25
    4. Max. operating presure 25Mpa(250bar), max. flow 250 L/min
    5. It‘s pipeless stack type valve which is...
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  • Water Cooled Oil Cooler

    Water Cooled Oil Cooler

    Our water cooled oil cooler are an oil cooling device commonly used in hydraulic and lubrication systems.
    The device can realize heat exchange between two fluid media with a certain temperature difference, achieving the purpose of reducing oil temperature and...
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  • Hydraulic Solenoid Directional Control Valves

    Hydraulic Solenoid Directional Control Valves

    It is powered by push-button switches, limit switches, travel switches, pressure relays and other electrical components in the hydraulic machine.
    They allow fluid flow into different paths from one or more sources. They usually consist of a spool inside a cylinder...
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  • Aluminum Bar-plate Hydraulic Oil Cooler

    Aluminum Bar-plate Hydraulic Oil Cooler

    The hydraulic oil cooler is an all aluminum designed used for hydraulic excavator manufacturered in China.Read More

  • Aluminum Heat Exchanger

    Aluminum Heat Exchanger

    Aluminum heat exchanger is used to cool down oil or fluids in general using air through forced ventilation on machines that operate continuously in severe work conditions.Read More